Weekly Roundup No. 11


I have still been suffering at the hands of the flu this week but able to move about so I set about doing admin work. I have confirmed a summer show happening end of June just settling on some details then I will reveal where its going to be. I also have been plotting out my latest newsletter. I can feel everyone has gone a bit mad for newsletters lately. I get the madness as I am onboard that ship too. Knowing that your following that you have created via instagram is owned by Mr Facebook. It is nerve racking for small businesses, especially as the way to get seen is to pay. I have been doing my newsletter for some time so am not worried. I put one out every so often when I feel I have enough to say to add to someones inbox. I enjoy creating them, I keep it very personal and it is a nice way to check in with friends and clients. 

i. Read about Helena Morissesy's book good time to be a girl, in the Sunday Times. She sounds like a fascinating woman. Also she is mother to my favourite singer Flo Morrissey. 

ii.  I find myself wanting to splurge on a LEROUGE Pinhole camera. I bought a fancy pants camera last year and I am totally rubbish at using it. I am looking for a photography course to join to learn how to use it. However in the mean time, I feel I want to start from the beginning, to feel the joy of experimenting.

iii.  There was a super moon on Thursday and it was such an odd day. I saw animals outside my studio that usually only appear at night. I have always enjoyed reading Sphinx and the Milky Way blog, for her moon readings. 

iv. I was clearing out my back log of World of Interiors magazines and spotted the company Harris & Jones. They do lovely desk stationary. I really like the linen versions they do. 

v. Talking of newsletters I am a subscriber to Tinsmiths shop in Ledbury. In their latest newsletter they showed this video of Mark Hearld & Martin Clark of Tiley Letterpress. I have worked with Martin before, I love the work he does. 

vi. Could this be the boiler suit of my dreams? by Spry workwear. 

vii. This week I have listened to more podcasts then usual, probably something to do with having a mini spring clean in the studio so I am ready for the amount of work I need to do for this upcoming show. 

  • Devoured the Late Night Women's Hour podcast.
  • Etsy Success podcast. Great tips even if you are not on etsy.
  • Hashtag Authentic. Sara always asks the questions I am thinking its a great listen. 
  • The Start by the Guardian. Really enjoyed listening to Sophia Coppola's and Damien Hirst's stories.  
  • Ctrl Alt Delete with Emma Gannon. Emma I think is a great interview and an hour always flows by with her podcast. 
  • The High Low Show. I listen to this every week, probably my favourite. Witty and insightful. 

Picture : Photo of my studio by Remco Merbis.

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