Weekly Roundup No. 10


Just as I was turning into a really smug person thinking how I have avoided all colds this season, I get the flu. This week it has been bleak. Flu is brutal, and after the first day of trying to carry on with work I gave up and have done nothing just focusing on getting better. 

i. One thing I did manage to get done, was upload a new item to my etsy site. My pink Hydrangea Poster from my show in 2014. I see it on pinterest all the time, which always makes me smile. I had looked into making it a couple of times but never liked the paper I had found, dodgy full colour print outs always in my opinion look a bit basic. So when I saw GF Smiths Extract papers, the shell colour is PERFECT. Also it fits into my passion for looking after the environment, read about extract papers here.

ii.  In my time of rest I have watched a number of things:

iii.  I am hoping my flu leaves me by next Sunday as I am off to see a ceramics demo lead by Makoto Kagoshima at Messums. I am really interested to see how he creates his ceramics. 

iv. There is an interview with me over on The Love Place website, go check it out.

v. It is official I am an old women after I announce that I have been looking into how to make my own potpourri and along with the tv shows I have just listed I am 29 going on 89! I spotted this potpourri made by Evermore which I want to buy for the studio. In winter the studio has a musty smell in there as its too cold to open the windows.  Any recommendations on how to make potpourri send them my way. 

vi. Lastly I put up a highlights video of the private view onto my instagram, so any of you who weren't there can catch a glimpse of what the event looked like. NB. Think you can only view it in the app as its not showing on the desktop version. 

Picture : Photo of my studio by Remco Merbis.

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