Weekly Roundup No. 9


This week was dominated by me preparing for my private view at Botany on Friday. The combined effort between me and Angela (owner of Botany) put in for the event paid off, it was a huge success. I am still buzzing from it now. It was so crowded at one point we had to reshuffle just to fit more people in. I wanted an afternoon private view, as its more relaxed, also it is January peeling your self up off the sofa in the evening, to go to event in my mind is tricky. Botany is such a down to earth place, we had teas provided by local tea company Tiosk, Anna Jacobson of @weareherenow, made cakes and took beautiful photos of the event. And special thanks goes to my mum who baked all day to provide leaf shaped biscuits, chocolate crackle cookies and mini meringues. I love this all for one attitude it was very soul warming. Thank you to all who came, was lovely to see so many smiling faces. 

i. I was very honoured to receive a bouquet of flowers from an admirer of my work. Yinari created this beautiful bouquet for me. I have already planned to go onto one of her workshops this spring. 

ii.  Next day in London I went to see Modigliani as so many people have raved about it. I am not a fan of his work but I am trying to expose myself to things outside my comfort zone, as this paid off when I went to see Rachel Whiteread I ended up really enjoying it. Sadly same cant be said for this show, it just wasn't for me. Some nudes I thought were beautiful and his sculptures I think were some of his strongest works. Who knows maybe it was too crowded for me. 

iii. Garden Museum has been on my list to visit for a while. What a charming place! Their renovation is so beautiful, the mix of materials. It is a bitesize visit for gardening enthusiasts like myself. I adore the graphics pentagram has done for them also. 

iv. Speaking of gardening anyone see this article on Dig Delve about Freezing Hill

v. Can't stop listening to First Aid Kits new album. The song Fireworks has been on repeat.

vi. I designed a new card for my shop. I have always loved this painting I did and wanted to do something with it. And I managed to work out the costings so I can offer free Uk delivery. 

vii. After watching blue planet, I am set on not using plastic. In my work I don't use any plastic. Everything is either recycled or comes from natural sources. But I do use celo bags for when posting out cards and prints etc. I asked a poll on instagram and people came back to me saying Eco-craft were great suppliers for eco friendly packaging. I urge you to buy your items from here to. I will be switching from anything that isn't recyclable already to items from this company. 

Picture : Photo of my studio by Remco Merbis.

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