Weekly Roundup No. 7


I made a wish to be away for New Years and it came true! I will be in Thailand, in the sun, instagram off, reading and hoping my brain fog will clear. I hate new years so I am glad to be away from the pressures we seem to put on ourselves to have the best night of our lives. One thing I do like about this time is looking at what worked for me this year and what didn't. Taking stock of the year, it really does help to look at the positive and negatives and know what you don't want to bring into the new year and what you want to expand on.

i. I am using the planoly app to schedule posts to go on my instagram to announce my journal and show info. 

ii. Reading these three books while away. I like to have a mix of business, self help and fiction.

iii. I don't want to paint while I am away, I want to work on my photography. As I spent too much on using photographers this year and didn't always get what I wanted. I now own a Fuji X-T1 I bought mine second hand. You are judged on the photography of your work just as much as the work itself.

iv. I watched Godless a week before I went. Very drawn to the wild west theme these days, the colour palette I find very inspiring. Dusty neutral tones. 

v. This week I managed to catch the Howard Hodgkin exhibition at the Victoria Gallery in Bath. Firstly I really like that we get really good exhibitions in Bath, as we are such a small town. However I do want to get my hands on the gallery and revamp it. I am not a huge fan of Howard Hodgkins work as I think it all looks very much the same, but I can't deny he has a great eye for colour combinations. 

vi. After reading about the St Pancreas Piano in the Sunday Times I fell down a rabbit hole of watching you tube videos about them. Watch this, its pure joy. 

Picture : Photo of my studio by Remco Merbis.

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