Guide to: Bringing Zen into the Studio


I wrote this post in advance, as right now I am in sunny Thailand.  At this point in time, I hope to be relaxed, off for a massage and drinking from a coconut. I may be away relaxing, but I wrote this post to list some of the items and things I put in place to bring Zen to my working space. I am not one of those artists who can work in chaos, I have to be really calm.

i.  SOBACHA | There is a lot written about tea ceremonies and how drinking it can be a form of meditation. I drink Sobacha, I like the taste and its one of the few warm drinks you can drink when it has gone cold. I buy mine specifically from My Cup of Tea in London, you may of noticed in photos I also own their tea caddies. 

ii. BODHA | I was so pleased when I came across Emily's company. I treated myself to the oil diffuser and ritual oil. Firstly it is the best looking oil diffuser I have ever come across. And the oil is so pure and doesn't have an horrible bitterness some oils have. If you are UK based and like me suffering with the currency exchange, Yoga matters sells some of her items. Go for Ground and Ritual incense.

iii. BEESWAX CANDLE | Sometimes in the studio it can have a really stagnant air. Beeswax candles when burnt are great air purifiers. And the cheapest as they don't use electricity! 

iv. PALO SANTO | Hands down my favourite scent. I light this every time I am at the studio, it clears negative energy and fills the studio with a sweet woody scent. Total bliss. I go for the box as it works out cheaper and I am always giving pieces to visitors to the studio. 

v. GLERUP SLIPPERS | When I get into the studio I always take off my shoes and change into slippers. Two reasons, my shoes are usually filthy! Secondly it is another unwinding method having something warm and comfy on just adds another layer to feeling relaxed to work. I go for Glerups as they last FOREVER! and are supper warm. 

vi. CRYSTALS | You may just look at them and think oh nice rocks. But even just having something of mother earth in your creative space I feel can be very calming. I go through phases of believing in their healing properties and then other times just a decorative object. I buy mine from all over, but I have got some pretty incredible ones from Venusrox in London. (when I am feeling flush)

vii. SOUND | For me this is so important, the music I listen to can shape what I create. I can't listen to songs, it has to be classical piano, movie soundtrack or music you would get at the end of a yoga class to relax you. Here are some of my favourites:

Amelie Soundtrack - Yann Tiersen

Clair de Lune - Debussy 

Om Sanctuary - Jason D Mckean

Devi Prayer - Craig Pruess

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