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I love Christmas! I slow down with work and speed up with going a bit mad trying to go to everything Chritsmassy which may be going on. I have put together a guide that helps you with that creative you know, and what to get them. Even though if you bought me a bag of flower bulbs I would love you forever. 

i.  CERAMIC PALETTE | So useful for not having your paints dry up. 

ii. DO/OPEN BY DAVID HIEATT | A great book for all creatives to give them the knowledge on how to make their newsletters work for their business. 

iii. LEUCHTTURM NOTEBOOK | These notebooks have really helped me to stay organised this year. Instead of having millions of lists floating about of what to do, I have compiled it into a daily list. So each day I know exactly what I need to be doing and not divert from that, game changer! I am sure there is an app but I want to spend less time on my phone. 

iv. SUMI WATERCOLOUR SET | For the artist that have everything. There are some beautiful sets sold via Choosing Keeping also. 

v. BILLINGHAM CAMERA BAG | I upped my camera game this year. Ever since buying my new camera I have been looking for a nice camera bag. I recently did a photoshoot with Adrian Campbell-Howard and he had a Billingham bag, looked so chic yet practical. He said its worth the investment. 

vi. CAMERA STRAP | Found these cool camera straps via the blogger Style Nylon and her collaboration #mimiXstylonnylon . I am going for the spotted one. 

Zero Waste Gift Options:

AUDIBLE | once you get past the confusing way to set it up, it is the ultimate in studio company. 

TATE MEMBERSHIP | I have tried most art memberships from the art fund to the RA membership. With the Tate, you definitely get the most for your membership. I don't live in London but still proved very useful to me. I found it a wonderful gift which I received last Christmas. When it was the Hockney exhibition I didn't have to queue I was able to go two hours early before the queues and enjoy it in its near peaceful state.

PICTUREHOUSE MEMBERSHIP | Film provides me with so much inspiration, to me this is such a wonderful gift. Also acts as a way to schedule in down time. 

Picture : Free and Native

(not sponsored by any of my recommendations, but open to it, just saying)

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