Weekly Roundup No. 2


All summer I have been on a temporary contract with my studio since my landlord died. Wasn't sure if I was staying or going. This created a lot of anxiety for my future and where I would be working. Bring on the celebrations, its all been sorted and I can carry on being the hermit artist I like to be tucked away in a field in the countryside. 

i. A couple of weeks back I went to see Philip Pullman in Conversation at Komeida in Bath. I didn't think much of the interviewer but Philip P was a pro and took the lead and practically just spoke to the audience. Everyone was under his spell. His use of the English language is on another level. I have adore the Northern Lights so I am now devouring the Belle Sauvauge.

ii. If I am not reading fiction I love to listen via audible to books on business. I have recently fallen down a rabbit hole, of knowing everything there is to do with growth hacking. Growth Hacker by Ryan Holiday is the latest book I just finished on the subject. 

iii. Baths solve all worries. My favourite Bath salts at the moment.

iv. Norman Ackroyd is coming to Messums to give a talk. I adore this mans work.

v. There is a pre December sale on my entire Etsy shop 15% off everything. #etsyforyou

Picture : Lucile Demory Interior

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