Weekly Roundup No. 1


I want to get back to doing things I enjoy doing, this journal being one of them. Weekly snippets of information of culture, things I am looking at, mild obsessions, exhibitions I may be going to and basically anything I feel like sharing. If you don't know about me or my work and stumbled onto my website, I hope these weekly posts add some je nes se quoi to your visit. 

i. Sundays are my day of rest usually walk or a market in the morning then evening hibernation mode. Blue Planet & Howards End, (you must watch it for the set and costumes, so inspiring).

ii. Podcast love at the moment goes to the Influencer Podcast. It is very American but the content in my opinion is the best out there.

iii. Currently reading The Little Black Book: A Toolkit For Working Women by Otegha Uwagba. I learnt bugger all at university how to survive in the creative industry, so I am reading all I can all the time. This is such a short book but full of golden nuggets. 

iv. Hopefully off to see the Monochrome exhibition at the National Gallery. It had a rave review by Waldemar Januszczak, whose opinion I trust. 

v. My Christmas holiday this year is having an instagram holiday! (how sad). I have been on it so much lately trying to gather more opportunities for 2018 but I find it really noticeable how insecure I feel afterwards. Great article about this on Girl Boss.

vi. Joined in with the pre December sale that Etsy is running so there is 15% off on my entire Etsy shop. 

Picture : Copper House II by Studio Mumbai

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