Weekly Roundup No. 48


Every winter once all the trees have shed their leaves I go a bit stir crazy having nothing to paint. There have been years where I have focused on winter foliage but each time the hard shapes don’t really speak to me. Back in the summer, I planned ahead of time and booked myself on a stone carving workshop, hoping that I could add sculpture to my portfolio. I have always been drawn to stones for their grounding nature. I love how prehistoric stones are they hold years of stories just like trees do. So with this in mind I went on the stone carving workshop this weekend in Cheltenham. I told myself to keep it simple as we only had two days to create something, so I decided just to make a sphere…. however others in the group made and owl, a sphinx and someone carved out a 2 ft woman! I may of gone simple but I just wanted the form to speak to me. What I did come away with from this experience apart from bruised hands and an egg shaped stone, is that I felt like a beginner again. It has taken me years to be confident with the materials I use and the work that I create to be at square one again was an odd feeling. However this time when I was starting out I had the confidence of what ever I produced I knew it was a process and not to be hard on myself.

i. This is the stone carving course I went on.

ii.  Read this article with mama medicine about making money doing what you love.

iii.  Came across Tio y Tia hats via instagram. Adding this to my wish list which also includes a Milena Silvano coat.

iv.  Man with a gun was the last film I watched at the Bath film festival. I loved it, and the message from the film, that life is there for living.

v. After my sculpture attempt I now watch this short video of David Nash with even more admiration. I know he isn’t carving stones but it takes a different way of seeing to create sculptures.

vi. Mark Kermode recently reviewed The price of everything . A film about money in the art world, I look forward to watching it as I am interested to hear the thoughts and opinions on the subject.

Picture Credit: Photo by Lucy Auge.

Weekly RoundupLucy Auge