Weekly Roundup No. 47

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After a very heavy work week last week, I have reigned it in this week, catching up on admin and tidying up the studio as I have been coming and going and just dumping things off. Its so messy I could of been robbed and wouldn’t of noticed. I am preparing for my winter phase of work, so I like to organise everything in a way of clearing the mind ready to start work on new paintings.

i. Really boring but I have been looking for a nice tape dispenser for my studio, no real success as I use large rolls so doesn’t fit the good looking ones. However I came across these two interesting online shops while on my search : Hive Home & Kohezi .

ii.  It is the film festival in Bath at the moment I managed to make two films which I thoroughly recommend : Can you forgive me? & Colette

iii.  I have been working with Studio Connie for some time now on my catalogue designs and she has designed some exhibition posters. I have also decided to sell them in my online shop they come in A2 at the moment, soon to come in A1.

iv.  Highlight of my week was going to see First Aid Kit play in Cardiff with The Staves as their warm up act. Two of my favourite bands in one night, I was in heaven.

v. On my few days off I have also binged on Sabrina on Netflix and cruised independent interior shops, one of my favourites being Future Kept.

vi. In the run up to the new year I will put a free surprise gift in with every order on my prints.

Picture Credit: Photo by Lucy Auge.

Weekly RoundupLucy Auge