Weekly Roundup No. 46


i. If you follow Laura Jackson on instagram you would of seen me at her house painting customised table cloths for her supper clubs this week. In the room she has some fantastic vintage Sanderson wallpaper , which feature ferns, so used that as inspiration to cover a 12 foot table cloth in green inky ferns.

ii.  Watched the first episode of Little drummer girl. Such a stylish programme. Also been a fan of Florence Pugh after seeing her in Lady Macbeth, so good to see her in this.

iii. Came across this shop which is based in Lewes but has that LA vibe which I love so much. You know the one, earthy ceramics, natural cosmetics and crystals thrown in for good measure.

iv.  Song on repeat: Matthew E White - Cool Out

v. Read this interview with Alex Katz in the Guardian talking about other artists.

vi. Waiting patiently for Outdoor voices to start shipping to the UK.

Picture Credit: Photo by Lucy Auge.

Weekly RoundupLucy Auge