Weekly Roundup No. 44


i. It has been a full on week, started off with a photoshoot using the Space at Caro to photograph my latest large scale pieces for the new catalogue coming out next week.

ii.  Took the afternoon trip to the Harper Collins book launch for the Botanical Bible which I am featured in. I am on the same page as William Morris!

iii. I stayed over in London so I could go see the Annie Albers exhibition at the Tate Modern. I am so happy to see an exhibition of this size dedicated to a practice which is considered ‘craft’. You quickly come to realise she is a genius at what she does, and the medium is totally irrelevant to the works she creates. The layout and design of the exhibition is also really impressive.

iv.  Planet organic please come to Somerset! I am a sucker for all things wellness.

v. If you read this regularly you will know I have been working with Carbon Balanced printers Opal print to create some new prints. I have listened to concerns from people if you create prints it detracts from the original work. If anything for me by offering prints it buys me time to be able to work harder and think more deeply on my original works, especially as I only create around 24 paintings a year. So without further waffle, I can announce that 9 new prints are available to buy. They are replicas of my own personal collection of paintings I have kept back for myself as I love them so much.

vi. Had too many meetings while in London, so missed out seeing this exhibition at the Barbican on Modern Couples. It sounds fascinating, and I definitely believe someone you are spending so much time with can have an affect on what you create.

vii. Listening again this week to The higher self podcast, has an episode with Mark groves, this guy talks about psychology within human relationships romantic, work, friendship the lot. He is an interesting man, I love anything that explains the human mind a bit more.

viii. Palo Santo is my favourite scent, extremely grounding. And I have just come across this incense by Incausa.

ix. One of my favourite accounts to follow on instagram is Carnation. They are coming out with a calendar, they are so talented, even though I don’t have the need for a wall calendar I am tempted to get this one.

Picture Credit: Photo by Lucy Auge.

Weekly RoundupLucy Auge