Weekly Roundup No. 43


i. Hazel in Spring is now on show at Compton Verney till Sunday the 16th of December. Its to conicide with the Whistler exhibition. I was contacted by Compton Verney as they always show a contemporary artist alongside their main exhibitions, the work is in the entrance before the main gallery, you can’t miss it, the piece is huge.

ii.  On my many long drives I have been doing for various upcoming projects been devouring more Audible books, latest one I just finished was Lily Allens book My thoughts exactly. She is a fighter and the book is more about seeking justice then anything.

iii. If you missed out on my flower postcards Wood and Meadow have a few left, they also have some nice new pieces they have added to their shop that I have my eye on.

iv.  Bristol Museum will be showing a series of exhibitions from their Japanese wood block collection. Japanese wood blocks are a huge inspiration to me, I like the flatness of the work, and the matt finishes. So I will definitely be going to Bristol to check this exhibition out.

v. I was invited by the shop Swedish house at home to take part in their house edit. A lot of the furniture and accessories in my studio are scandi designs, so happy to take part.

vi. I have a love hate relationship with instagram, great projects have come from it and life long friends have been made through it. However I have an increasing amount of anxiety building around it, from the amount of time I spend on it, to the worries that if I take breaks from it the build up of messages and people contacting me on it that I need to respond to. I listened to the Higher self podcast Ep16 how she turned off her DMS, unfortunately you can’t do that anymore, or I can’t figure out how to do it. A brilliant book why social media is ruining your life (bleak tittle but at least its honest) has some great advice and facts round this subject.

vii. Bath film festival just released its line up. And I have already booked to go see 5 of them!

Picture: Photo by me.

Weekly RoundupLucy Auge