Weekly Roundup No. 42


i. Hoping Eternity Gate will be shown at my local cinema.

ii.  Was contacted by a lovely couple who had bought some of my original flower paintings from the 500 Flower installation, as the paintings can be seen in an article they were featured in. Totally in love with their house and touched that they shared this article with me.

iii. I had some great advice earlier in the year about being self employed, about carving out some money each month to spend solely on yourself. Doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, just helps to not feel that your working from a place of lack and that all the money goes on the business. That is what i was feeling as I have been working 14 hour days, and finding it hard to see the wood from the trees. This months treat was a treatment at Lush Spa, it was incredible. I recommend everyone doing this.

iv.  Want to visit Yayoi Kusama exhibition at Victoria Miro and the Space Shifters exhibition at the Hayward Gallery. Really into installation art at the moment on how it makes the viewer interact with it.

v. I was recently emailed by someone who read the Dig Delve article on me, and saw that one of the pieces I would love to work on is a stained glass window for a church. He emailed me this website about Chagalls windows in a church in Tonbridge Kent. And this week David Hockneys stained glass window was revealed at Westminster Abbey. Seems to be a right of passage for artists.

vi. Back in Bristol this time trying out Pasta Ripiena. So delicious.

vii. I am featured in this new book coming out called The Botanical Bible. Can’t wait to receive my copy, from what I can see from the proofs its going to be a book that everyone will want.

viii. Just joined up to skill share to expand on my knowledge. I have been waiting for them to do their free trials again and they have heres the link. Your welcome.

xi. Lastly I will be returning to The Bazaar in London on November the 3rd. I will have a little stand there planning lots of announcements around this, so make a note for the diary to come swing by and say hello.

Picture: View from studio, shot by me.

Weekly RoundupLucy Auge