Weekly Roundup No. 41


i. Watching this new documentary with James fox about the cultures of the pacific. It is fascinating. Looking forward to the Royal Academy exhibition that will open soon on the same subject.

ii.  Wes Anderson has this intoxicating aesthetic that I tend to want to seek out what ever he does. I am actually considering making a trip to Vienna to see this exhibition him and his wife are curating. Don’t quite understand what it will be about, but I know the attention to detail will be next level.

iii. I had some great advice earlier in the year about being self employed, about carving out some money each month to spend solely on yourself. Doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, just helps to not feel that your working from a place of lack and that all the money goes on the business. That is what i was feeling as I have been working 14 hour days, and finding it hard to see the wood from the trees. This months treat was a treatment at Lush Spa, it was incredible. I recommend everyone doing this.

iv.  Another persons aesthetic I like is Margaret Howell, i really looked at her interiors when I was deciding what to put in my studio. I came across this article recently about her summer house.

v. First Aid Kit knocking it out of the park with this track.

vi. Bristol has such a good food scene, compared to Bath, so I try to venture over there for meals out. This time I tried out Root on wapping wharf, so tasty my favourite dish was the tempura spring onions.

vii. I know I bang on about Dolly Allderton, but she has just collaborated with the Pound Project on a book. Thought you might like to know.

viii. One day I would really like to own a dinner set from Winchcombe pottery.

Picture: Cabbages growing in the field next to the studio, shot by me.

Weekly RoundupLucy Auge