Lucy Auge (b.1988) is a Bath based artist working on personal and commissioned projects for corporate and private clients. Her work is held in private collections in the U.K and overseas.

Dedicated to the theme of nature, she evolves her skill with ink's to catalogue the endless fauna and landscapes, which her surroundings provide.  The numerous paintings are a testament to her passion, a journey of observation on how the natural environments interacts with itself, the relationship between plants, and the common bond of spirit, shapes and earth, which they share. These works are born from passion but more so of ideal to document the beauty our surroundings provide.

The choice of medium is bound to the simplistic Japanese style reminiscent Hokusai and other masters who have helped inspire and strengthen her skill. Earth tones of the natural based papers compliment the mono-toned inks used in the paintings. All her materials are natural even the ink as its key to her that her materials reflect the subject matter, to the point that the colour palette is produced from nature. Most works are completed in one sitting, to allow for an uninterrupted flow producing paintings that draw the observer to the shape and flow of the object creating a subtle masterful complexity, while keeping a calm and simple composition.

 Her process starts with observing the plants in a chosen landscape. Noticing the different varieties depending where that species grows. Then each plant is painted either once or repeatedly until she feels she has successfully captured the nuances of the plant. This process is then repeated producing a large body of work, taking from a week to season to compile. Her work of late focusing on the subtle differences each plant has in varying environments. The finished paintings work as individual pieces, however the true impact is only seen when compiled into an installation revealing the boundless beauty of the habitat in which they came from. 

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