“500 Flowers” is an exhibition demonstrating the artists’ devotion and discipline to her craft. Over the last six months Lucy Auge, has produced pieces daily from her studio in the rural heart of Somerset. Her disciplined regiment is reminiscent of Picasso’s practice of producing a painting a day. The pictures exhibited here are first attempts; this demonstrates the free unedited creativity of the artist, while also removing her personal doubts of the works created. On observation of the impressive 500 works on display here you can see the simplistic beauty of nature captured in ink, showing flora in its purest form.

Lucy has a passion for nature and it has been a source for many of her works. She finds beauty in all flora, even in the specimens that are not conventionally regarded as so.

“One of my favourite plants I drew turned out to be the nettle. So overlooked as a weed, but it has a beautiful structure and I like to find beauty in the unwanted” – Lucy Auge

Her work exhibits a high level of observation of the horticultural species, highlighting the subtle differences of shapes and patterns found in the plants. Compiling the specimens was a cathartic experience for the artist, involving meandering through the idyllic surrounding countryside, while also personal with acquaintances aiding her by donating flora for collection.

The choice of medium and style are complementary, the diffusive nature of the calligraphy ink sinks into the paper, bringing a calm vibrancy to the petals. The simplistic style has influences of classic far-eastern art, with the conservative use of colour and definition of the still life, while still capturing the essence and fluidity of the subject itself.

“It’s no longer a flower, it becomes my vision and my interpretation of seeing nature”- Lucy Auge